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Service Item:WaySuite WMS

Main category:Household equipment and electronic products

Warehouse location:2 warehouses in USA

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Yescom USA

Founded in 2002, it is a diversified enterprise integrating international trade, platform website sales, auxiliary production, independent sales and services. It has established companies in Guangzhou, China and Los Angeles, the United States, and set up self-operated overseas warehouses in the United States. Its Main business are household equipment, electronic products, sporting goods, industrial tools, etc. to the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and other countries. It has a global layout and drives growth.

Willingness to cooperate

——With the increasing complexity of the omni-channel business of multiple subsidiaries of Yescom USA Group, Yescom USA is committed to building an information data management platform integrating global business and finance. One of the key links is to manage the warehouse business more effectively, so that the management can pay attention to hidden risk points in time and take measures to solve problems in advance. The customer decided to replace a previously used WMS system with WaySuite WMS.

The two self-operated warehouses of the customer are located in the United States, which is a huge challenge to the implementation ability and project management ability of the project team. In addition to the routine problems to be solved during the project implementation, it is also necessary to overcome the time difference between China and the United States, language communication problems, etc.

Project achievements and value

Through close cooperation between the two parties: further optimize the warehouse layout, define the functions of each warehouse area, reasonably plan the channels and paths, and improve the efficiency of goods finding and picking; OMS order information docking: the order information of the third-party e-commerce sales platform can be docked; An efficient wave generation scheme and picking scheme are customized for 2C order types: single product, multiple products, and multiple products.

It improves the efficiency of operations in the warehouse, flexibly adapts to order fluctuations, and greatly improves the ability to handle massive orders. By optimizing the process, it also improves the flexibility, adaptability, flexibility, and productivity of warehouse automation equipment.

The WaySuite WMS system also integrates third-party overseas warehouses and inventory packaging hardware system equipment - Cubiscan.

With NetSuite Oneworld group financial integration, omni channel CRM and supply chain logistics, warehousing WMS system, and SaaS cloud service architecture system, Yescom USA has all-weather reliability and high scalability, which helps Yescom USA achieve omni channel business, group multi branch, and unified management and control of subsidiaries, and build a global industry finance integrated information data management platform.

Comments of Amy Chen, General Manager of Yescom

“The WaySuite WMS system is very lightweight, flexible and comprehensive. It supports multiple languages, so our colleagues around the world can easily operate it."
“Partner consulting services also help Yescom USA grow.”

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