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Amazon Business

  • Business characteristics

    1. Amazon FBA/FBM order data integration;
    2. Amazon FBA warehouse purchase, sales and inventory ledger;
    3. Amazon shipment automatically submission.
  • Solution

    1. Connect to Amazon seller data directly by WaySuite O2O API, obtain order data for profit analysis;
    2. FBA inbound receiving, real-time inventory update for selling, returning, removal of goods, and other inventory traceable process, monitoring the receipt of removal goods in the third-party warehouse and alert for exception;
    3. Automatically submit Amazon shipment information on WaySuite system, or obtain the shipment information submitted from Amazon seller background to create the outbound orders and obtain shipping labels on user’s system.

Multi-platform business

  • Business characteristics

    1、Integrate major e-commerce platform to get orders and other data;
    2、An unified console manages the order information in different platforms and stores;
    3、Order return/refund/resend and other after-sales managements.
  • Solution

    1、Real-time acquisition of sales orders and other data in stores on various platforms and processing on an unified console, such as order splitting/merging, choice of optimized warehouse and shipping carrier, exception handling and interception for special orders;
    2、Visual order management for sales or customer services with different data permissions;
    3、Order return/refund/resend on WaySuite can automatically submit to the platform or WMS system.

Web site for high-quality products

  • Business characteristics

    1、API docking for common independent site platforms;
    2、Non-inventory order or pre-sale order management;
    3、Order profit analysis.
  • Solution

    1、WaySuite O2O have docked with Shopify, Magento, WordPress and other site-building tools for e-commerce, to seamlessly integrate data between website and ERP system;
    2、Flexible handling for different order types and various sales strategies;
    3、Accurately calculate profit account for SKU or order with sales incomes, taxes, logistics costs, procurement costs, handling fees, and etc.

Integration of industry and trade

  • Business characteristics

    1、Visual management from production to overseas warehouse receipt;
    2、Full-link batch management for end products;
    3、Centralized collection and supply chain planning management.
  • Solution

    1、Supported by WaySuite MES and WMS, user can integrate the process of producing, end product warehousing, shipping, and receiving and putaway in overseas warehouse;
    2、Using strong or weak batch setting, complete batch tracking of overseas warehouse entry data is carried out to trace the abnormal quality of goods and manage the batch cost;
    3、Centralized procurement, merging production demands, and automatically allocate goods according to the stock plan, generate shipping and receipt labels, maximize the efficiency of supply chain and reduce the management costs.

Omni Channel

  • Business characteristics

    1、Selling in all channels on the whole network to expand brand and reach more customers;
    2、Online-offline interactive marketing;
    3、Member management.
  • Solution

    1、Using WaySuite O2O to link domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, using WaySuite IPOS to manage offline stores, supermarkets and other sales channels, achieving full-network and full-channel sales;
    2、Using WaySuite O2O to allow customers pick up or deliver goods both online and offline. Comprehensively improving shopping experience by allowing customers order online and then get the goods in offline shops;
    3、Centralized management of members of the whole network, including member profiles, point exchange, customized promotion rules, coupon management, and etc.

Sales operation service

  • Business characteristics

    1、SKU cargo owner management;
    2、Calculation of operating fee and profit;
    3、Comprehensive financial analysis for B2C and B2B business.
  • Solution

    1、WaySuite OMS and WMS fully support the definition of cargo owner or cargo right on SKU;
    2、Customize the fee calculation rules, reasonably allocate GMV, operating expenses, platform expenses, and etc., and calculate the cost and profit of the agent operation in real time;
    3、Comprehensively integrate the mixed business process mode of self-operation and agent operation, collect the industry-finance integration data and complete the management accounting processing grouping by cargo owner, SKU, store, and etc.

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