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Service Item:WaySuite WMS、WaySuite SRM

Main category:Electronic products

Warehouse location:Shenzhen, China

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Patozon is committed to selling China's high-quality products to all parts of the world. Relying on Amazon, Ebay, Wish and other platforms, the company's business covers more than 30 countries, including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, and has won the recognition of 200 million consumers, and has established 15 overseas order execution centers around the world. In the industry, together with Anker (A share subject: Anker Innovation) and Zebao Innovation (A share subject: Xinghui Precision), it is known as "Amazon's three heroes". The sales volume in 2020 is nearly 5 billion (RMB).

Challenges and difficulties before cooperation

Amazon's business revenue accounted for 90%. Amazon's first domestic warehouse business is a key link in the supply chain. Before the cooperation, due to the complex business of multiple countries and sites overseas, the connection and synchronization of warehouse data and Amazon platform information, and the strict management of the labels outside the cartons have been a major problem for the Operation Department and the Warehouse Department.

If the warehouse problem is not solved efficiently, it will consume a lot of time and labor costs, which will greatly restrict the company's sales growth. Fortunately, after the in-depth research and communication of the Waymap team, the Patozon project team learned that the WaySuite WMS system can be integrated with the ERP in use and can solve the above problems. The IT department quickly initiated a project to promote the WaySuite WMS system project.

Project income

Through the rapid implementation of the Waymap Cloud team, it helped Patozon build the PDA barcode information operation of the first warehouse business, which greatly improved the operation efficiency. In addition, WaySuite WMS also integrates WaySuite SRM system to realize the whole process of docking from the release of purchase PO to the delivery and warehousing of PO and overseas shipment. For example, PO delivery date synchronization, production completion information synchronization, QC inspection, delivery appointment and notification, etc.

Through this cooperation, the domestic warehouse of Patozon has successfully landed the WaySuite WMS system, and the supply chain advantage has been further expanded and strengthened becoming,one of the core competitiveness of the company, and continues to lead the industry after its launch.

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