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Service Item:WaySuite WMS

Main category:Medical equipment, outdoor sports, beauty and hairdressing, home furnishing

Warehouse location:USA and China

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PaiRui Medical

PAIRUI began in 2008 and has formed a group system after 15 years. Its business scope has also been distributed around the world, with multiple warehouses.

Warehouse status and pain points

With the expansion of the Group's business territory and the increase of business, the warehouse operations are increasingly complex, and the original warehouse management system is not enough to support the business development of PAIRUI. The limitations of the original system on the relationship between goods and storage locations, as well as the limitations of storage location management, lead to low inventory accuracy; PAIRUI needs a standardized process to achieve efficient warehouse operations.

How does the warehouse realize lean operation? Become an important support force for the growth of PAIRUI's business.

WaySuite WMS × Baistra Project

After many times of communication with PAIRUI, Waymap Cloud understood the actual warehouse status and warehouse requirements of PAIRUI, and formulated accurate plans and detailed implementation plans. Realize lean warehouse management for PAIRUI.

1. WaySuite WMS, a self-developed product of Waymap, is integrated with ERP, from the warehouse site to the completion of data statistics, from the process to the result management, to realize the integrated management of business and finance, and to improve the intelligent operation of the warehouse and the comprehensive management level of the group.

2. Provide the warehouse system interface in both Chinese and English to meet the operation requirements of American warehouse and Shenzhen warehouse, and support PAIRUI to build its own overseas warehouse.

3. Establish a complete SOP standard, sort out and optimize the warehouse business process together, and provide corresponding system operation process for each business process to meet the business needs of the warehouse, and standardize the warehouse business process.

4. Provide intelligent warehouse management system, improve the layout of warehouse locations, improve the utilization rate of warehouse inventory, and save the space cost of the warehouse; Simplify the operation process by using PDA, reduce the dependence on warehouse manpower, and save the labor cost of the warehouse; Reasonably plan the warehousing and picking, guide the goods flow with the best path, shorten the operation time, and achieve efficient order fulfillment; Establish various inventory systems, standardize warehouse operations, reduce inventory variance rate and improve inventory accuracy.

Cooperation statement of Pairui

Since the launch of the WaySuite WMS construction plan, your colleagues have demonstrated their full business and technical expertise. Pairui Industrial has a docking e-commerce platform, with many logistics providers, complex business forms, and warehouses distributed at home and abroad in the United States. The members of the project team, regardless of the epidemic situation and complex business problems, still work hard to ensure the smooth promotion of the project. From consulting and research to implementation, we have given a lot of constructive suggestions for warehouse construction.

During the implementation of the project, we felt the professional business level and conscientious work attitude of the Waymap Cloud team. At present, the WaySuite WMS system runs smoothly in our warehouse. We hope that both of us can work together and make new achievements!

The picture and logo of the case are sourced from the official website of Shenzhen PAIRUI Medical Holding Co., Ltd., and the copyright is owned by PAIRUI.

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