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Service Item:WaySuite WMS

Main category:Mechanical tools and equipment

Warehouse location:Self operated American warehouse

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Shishang Machinery

Shishang (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd., which means “excellent Confucian scholar should be good at business”,was founded by Mr. Feng Guangyuan in 1997. It is committed to research and development, production tools and equipment. There are four manufacturing bases in Shanghai, Huzhou, Qingdao and Taizhou in China. The factory covers an area of more than 100000 square meters. Through the introduction of European technology and independent innovation, it continuously improves the product quality and brand image, and provides customers with complete product series and ODM services worldwide.

Challenges and difficulties before cooperation

The warehouse implemented this time is located in the United States. In the past, it often faced problems such as inaccurate warehouse inventory data, non-standard operation, and low operation throughput efficiency.

The year 2022 is full of uncertainties and challenges. The senior executives of Shishang firmly believe that the Group will be able to achieve higher dimensions of management synergy and efficiency improvement with the help of enterprise digital upgrading, and will still strive to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises during the economic downturn.

In October 2022, the new generation WMS system of WaySuite was selected and integrated with the Oracle NetSuite ERP system to realize the integrated management of business and finance.

The implementation team of Waymap, together with the IT department of Shishang and the warehouse department of the United States, overcame the difficulties of the time difference across the two countries (the United States, Shanghai and Shenzhen) and worked together to forge ahead. Finally, efficient communication and proactive promotion of various services ensured that the project progress could be carried out as planned, and the implementation was completed and successfully launched in the same month.

Cooperation value and benefit

The new generation of WaySuite WMS successfully launched by Shishang meets the management demands of various categories of products and the needs of online and offline businesses, improves the human efficiency of warehouse operations, inventory accuracy, etc., realizes efficient collaboration between multiple systems at the front and back ends, and comprehensively optimizes the group's warehouse logistics system to support the marketing model of large volume and fast turnover.

The construction of the WaySuite WMS project, based on the mature implementation experience in the cross-border industry and the personalized warehouse management needs of Shishang. Wayman Cloud has provided professional and flexible solutions, and has been successfully launched in the U.S. warehouse, which is another successful practice of WaySuite in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

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