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Service Item:WaySuite WMS、WaySuite MES

Main category:Home textile products

Warehouse location:domestic factory warehouse

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MuJia Home

Mujia was Founded in 2004, stock code: 871138. A brand manufacturer integrating industry and trade in the home textile industry, Top seller in Amazon platform category. In home textile products, we are specialized in curtain, cushion, bedding and household supporting soft decoration series products. The company integrates research and development, design, production, sales and service, and is a professional fabric home textile enterprise that has formed its own unique style.

Challenges and difficulties before cooperation

The home textiles industry is one representative of made in China and famous overseas. Mujia Home provides high-quality brand products and services to global customers through platforms such as Amazon VC, SC and its own independent shopping mall. The Group has established an independent production base and global logistics center in Shaoxing, Zhejiang.

With the rapid growth of Mujia Home's overseas business, it is imperative to improve the operation performance of the entire supply chain through digital transformation. The Group decided to introduce the WaySuite WMS solution for the Shaoxing Global Logistics Center after multiple investigations, and both parties jointly build a digital warehouse.

WaySuite WMS will meet the distribution and shipping needs of customers from factories to overseas warehouses and terminal customers, as well as the efficient management needs of third-party overseas warehouses in the United States, Europe and other places. The digital warehouse built by both parties can realize the efficient collaboration of the whole supply chain from production to logistics by docking with NetSuite ERP.

Cooperation value and benefit

WaySuite WMS realizes the efficient coordination of the whole supply chain of Mujia from sales orders, production to logistics, and the transparent and efficient processing of cross-border orders through docking with the ERP system and WaySuite MES solution, so as to open up the front-end sales data and back-end supply chain, and realize the global supply chain management.

Combined with the application of RF PDA terminal, advanced picking methods and equipment are introduced to optimize the operation process in the warehouse and greatly improve the operation efficiency and inventory accuracy in the warehouse.

WaySuite WMS solution helps Mujia to realize the production process and warehousing management, better support Mujia to complete the inventory management layout of global business, and provide customers with better quality services.

The picture and logo of the case are from the official website of Zhejiang Mujia Home Technology Co., Ltd. The copyright belongs to Mujia Furniture

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